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Dangerous dungeon

Set on a quest to reach the end of the dungeon, gradually you come to a terrifying conclusion! Very tricky after the first couple of introductory levels but very satisfying all the same. Play.


Play Mini Gemini Replay

A quite devious puzzle game in which you record your moves while moving your character (orange sprite) and then replaying them for the second character (yellow sprite). The tricky part is that you have a very limited amount of moves, so you have to push or lift the other character or yourself! Worth trying out!



Well, it's not much of a shoot'em'up. It's more like a chain'em'up :). But hey, it's very difficult, it looks and sounds nice, it's rude, it has that "one more go" feeling, so have a few goes!


Through the playground

This game is really over before it's started sadly. It's got one or two puzzles in all in a single screen. A pity because of the great art and the whole universe created by the authors (which obviously shows a lot of work and thought poured into this). Anyway, adventure people play without hesitation!


Combo pool

This is a sort of mash-up between threes (or 2048 if you prefer ;) and billiards. Shoot balls, try to make the ones with the same colour hit each other. Then they become a new colour. I hope you get the idea, it's addictive!


Lost ethereal

While the game itself is a rather simple affair of visiting rooms to collect items in order to progress further, it is worth a mention because of the lovely art!


A snowball's chance in hell

Hell is an awkward place for a snowball to appear, isn't it? That's more of enough reason for a demon to want to preserve it no matter what. But take care, the more you move it, the more it melts! Thankfully you can merge it with other pieces of snow so it stays full size by the time you reach the exit. Requires some thought but it's still managable, have a go!



Hooray, a Bubble Bobble demake! Of course there are no bubbles (my guess is that launching a lot of them would make the Pico-8 slow down to a crawl) but they're replaced with small bullets - it does the job fine! Play!


The cloister

Yup, someone got their thinkig caps on and thought of an original-ish puzzle scheme! Influenced by The witness (hell, they even admit it themselves) but still different enough to not be called a rip-off, this one will have you head scratching for quite a while!.


Robot heist

One robot can only push things vertically, the other only horizontally. Put them together and what do you have? A heist? Maybe yes, but lots of fun too :). Nice and original puzzler!


Pico racer

Any racer worth its salt is nothing without good controls and a feeling of speed. Fortunately this one has both in good measures so it's a win in my books!



Prepare to have you ass handed over by this seemingly cute game! It's bad enough that the eyes fire millions of bullets at you, this is worsened by the fact that the bullets start decelerating and sucked back to the eyes, which means you have to keep your eyes on them even if you've sucessfully dodged them! Sneaky!


Sickle & sword

Two people are lost in the desert. They must build civilisation from scratch, utilising nature's resources to eat and build shelter, expand, tame beasts and prepare for the forthcoming of a mythical creature. Will they survive the wilderness? Find out now!


Busy busy beaver

Help the happy beaver gather wood so he can extend his cabin. But be careful of the sequence in which you chop the wood, you might get yourself trapped or unable to return home or have pieces of wood not accessible. Plan ahead!


Rust bucket

Hey, anyone remember Turnament, that 48x48 game made by Nitrome? Well, they extended the core idea of the game and made it into a full fledged game with new shiny graphics, levels and enemies! It's been on my phone since release day! Play it online here or grab it for Android or iOS!



A puzzler that starts out easy but gets a bit out of hand soon enough! It is the old unlocking puzzle - try to remove all locks in correct sequence so they don't overlap and the level is over! The author also made a commercial version of this if you want more of it: Steam, Android, Windows phone and iOS.