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Well, as the title of this blog says, we (Reboot) are posting reviews of games here.

 Who or what is Reboot?

Taken from our website:

 Reboot are part of the most active development team and community working on Atari Jaguar - Jagware. We also produce games and tools for the Atari ST/Falcon series of computers. As individuals we have been active on Atari machines since the mid-eighties. As a group we aim to produce fun games and develop tools & utilities we need need as we progress. We're Atari fans from way back when - 2D Atari gaming is what we know & love & the Jaguar makes it fun and simple. We're not out to make super-spectacular epics, rather we aim for rock solid 50/60Hz fun of a more traditional nature, adding our own little twist to things as we go. Currently there are 3 members of the Reboot team spanning four countries and even more time-zones, we also have a strong support & testing team.

 What games are you going to review?

Well, anything we fancy! The ancestor of this blog is actually a thread on the D-bug forums that ggn started in late 2009, and has covered a lot of free Flash/downloadable games up to early 2012. After some discussions with the rest of the crew and their desire to follow suit and review games (although not being limited to free or online ones), it was decided to create a more common platform to host this. So here we are!

 What's the meaning of the blog's tagline?

 ...because we sometimes actually play games

Ever since our childhoods, we've all been avid gamers. In parallel to honing our creative skills (be it learning to code, draw graphics, compose music etc) we spent lots of time playing games. It's because we spent so much time playing games that we realized that there are a lot of bad ones out there, and we thought we could do a better job than most of them. Hence Reboot was born (well, it's not that simple and there's a lot of history behind Reboot, but this it not the time nor place to be 100% historically correct!)

And we still do play games actually. Either for a bit of inspiration, or just to have a good time. So, one could say that this blog will bring an insight to our minds, what we think comprises of a good game, our faves, our pet hates, etc.

We hope you enjoy the content, and remember: Keep pressing the button!