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Message started by RA_pdx on 29.09.09 at 15:12:48

Title: Re: !!! Deadline extended: 29th November 2009 - 22:00
Post by damo-rg on 08.10.09 at 19:11:32

RA_pdx wrote on 08.10.09 at 12:05:46:
I am no the STE master you are looking for...

but i have some manic ideas for you: ;)

  • Blitter-Gouraud
  • Blitter-Texturemapper
  • Blitter-MOD-Player: Blitter is changing sample frequencies
  • Blitter-c2p
  • Blitter Realtime-Depacking
  • Blitter-Zooming
  • Blitter-Alpha-Channel

There are so much things you can do with the blitter... and even more.

i need actual clues RA!  not a list of snazzy fx with the word 'blitter' in front of them  ;D


yeah i know i'm too lazy and unskilled to find all this stuff out for myself  :-[

and everyone knows that you, para and tobe are the BLITTER DONS!!  :)

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