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Message started by ggn on 13.04.12 at 08:59:26

Title: Automation #000
Post by ggn on 13.04.12 at 08:59:26
Sinbad and the throne of the falcon

What is it with Cinemaware games that gets people so hot and bothered anyway?

Lots of still images, with selection menus, with some half-arsed minigames that are usually unplayable because of the low frame rate, wash, rinse, repeat. I guess that this was what people were considering the future of gaming? Interractive storytelling? Sorry, didn't work for me back then and it certainly doesn't work for me now.

So yeah, you're Sinbad, and you're trying to find the throne of the falcon (oops, big spoiler there, sorry!). Which means you get a crew and start wandering around the land, either on foot or by sea. What it boils down to (from what I played) is talking to people to obtain information, some sword fighting, wild animal dodging, some rock dodging when you're at sea and an infinite amount of options to try which always made me anxious about making the right move or playing it right.

Anyway, it's included on menu 000, which is now available :).

auto000v2.png ( 16 KB | Downloads )

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