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Message started by ggn on 22.02.15 at 15:55:59

Title: Automation #149
Post by ggn on 22.02.15 at 15:55:59

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Title: Re: Automation #149
Post by spkr on 01.03.15 at 08:58:05

Apart from a very tedious and long (and not possible to skip) introduction, you get to a menu, where I could not figure out how to actually start a game. The included demonstration seems to indicate you're a guy with a bow that bounces around in a level while rotating; and its your aim to shoot at the dragon thats moving through the level as well.

The game has nice digitized music, but other than that it seemed real shitty to me.

Title: Re: Automation #149
Post by spkr on 01.03.15 at 08:59:08

This game seems to prompt for the correct disk and doesnt continue loading.

Title: Re: Automation #149
Post by spkr on 01.03.15 at 09:02:08

The (hopefully) well-known light-synthesizer. If you thought that visuals could trip you out good, wait until you see all the possibilities that this program has to generate them. The amount of possibilities is really amazing; which also makes it quite a steep learningcurve to use this well.

It would still be cool if this would be used in a real-time demonstration on the big screen sometime :).

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