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Automation #100 (Read 1042 times)
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Automation #100
22.05.12 at 21:08:25
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Chicago 30's by Topo Soft, Crack by Ozzwald

Puffy's Saga by Ubisoft, Crack by LSD

Savage by Firebird, Crack by Ozzwald

CD List by N/A
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Re: Automation #100
Reply #1 - 23.05.12 at 19:29:04
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Puffy's Saga

Control Puffy (or his lady friend Puffyn) through the dungeons, collecting the keys, dots, ham bones etc whilst spitting (although can breathe fire at times too) at the various nasties to incapacitate them.

Top-down view ala Gauntlet, the grpahics are average, but the sound is rather cool - lots of digi speech makes it a bot more appealing.  Baddies can move a bit to fast for you sluggish balls at times, making the game more challenging and coupled with some crazy level designs at times makes it very frustrating.

To Sum up:  Nice game spoilt by the jerky scrolling and sluggish controls Sad

A_100_002.bmp ( 187 KB | Downloads )
A_100_003.bmp ( 187 KB | Downloads )
A_100_004.bmp ( 187 KB | Downloads )
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