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Message started by musashi5150 on 25.02.07 at 22:01:44

Title: Re: ST Cracking for newbies
Post by StingRay on 06.03.07 at 12:23:20

ggn wrote on 05.03.07 at 20:19:00:

Hmm, I guess that there must have been anti-AR checks in amiga games. After all if you could (for example) save a memory snapshot after the protection was passed, then you could have a cracked game :)

Yes, that would of course be possible but only for games that use absolute addresses and simple memory layout. For "normal" dos files it wouldn't be that simple due to needed relocations and stuff.  It's very lame approach anyway. As lame as reset cracking on C64. :) But yes, there were ppl using it. ;) And yes, there were also AR protections used in some games, the best protection against AR was to point the stackptr to an odd address and once you press the magic button an IRQ would be generated, supervisor mode entered and the return address pushed on the stack which would generate another exception due to the odd address etc. Dead end. :D Tearaway Thomas used that kind of protection (together with a nifty encryption :D). Other approaches were to fool the cartridge by using fake copperlists and stuff or using CIA timers etc. There are many ways to protect against AR. :) Still the best one is the one that f*cks up the cart once you press the button. :)

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