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Message started by The Wall on 28.02.07 at 19:25:16

Title: Re: Problems in MSTE...
Post by ggn on 01.03.07 at 08:54:45
Hmm, I see.

I think that shw has ahdi on his mste, yet all games work on his machine. He has TOS 2.06 though... CJ's machine has 2.05 and loads all stuff without problems (as far as I know)

Ok, try these suggestions in the order I write them.

a) Try DISABLING completely AHDI (press alt while booting if I'm correct). By this I mean that AHDI must not be loaded at all. Then load a game from floppy.
b) If (a) works then try disabling your accesories and auto folder programs, one by one. There is a big chance that you use something that mucks up our patches.

Now that I think of it, you're using SELTOS??? Sounds like the problem. This program loads TOS into RAM, usually in the highest memory area possible (at least that's my guess), and makes the machine use it. Now that's fine, except from the fact that we trash the high memory area :)

So, load the games with ahdi disabled. If they load then disable SELTOS and try loading the games from HDD.

Hope this helps...

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