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Message started by CJ on 03.04.07 at 14:06:33

Title: IKBD MFP Setup (And Super Hang On)
Post by CJ on 03.04.07 at 14:06:33
Well, I revisited this title last night, you may recall its on my failed list.

Hacked around a bit with the code to see what was going on.. modified the IKBD routine tied to $118.

My mods make the screen flash whenever theres an IKBD interupt polled. On the ST/MSTE this all works fine and dandy and the game works perfectly (Its AWESOME at 16mhz btw!)

However, on the falcon, this interupt *never* happens.  the routine vectored from $118 is never called.

Now, the setup code does a move.b #0,$ffffa01 to #$fffffa17 and then sets just the ones it needs. I'm assuming that the interupt required by the falcon for the IKBD is being unset here.  So, my question to the general atari world out there is:

What, exactly, do you have to EOR into the MPF registers on the falcon to MAKE SURE that the IKBD vector $118 actually runs?

Any ideas? Please drop a line here.

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