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Message started by ggn on 15.05.07 at 13:20:26

Title: Games that work on TT
Post by ggn on 15.05.07 at 13:20:26
Wow, only now I found time to write some stuff here :)

Outline was great. Thanks to jens I now have a new cool toy to play with :). (Hey jens, would you consider donating a Milan too? ;))

Anyway, let's stick to the point: I brought along a small (250mb) scsi drive, plugged it into the TT and started loading some games to see how many of our patches would run. Surprisingly, the success ratio was high, so I'm quite happy! A good thing of the TT is that there is shadowing writes of the YM area :)

Here's a list of games that I managed to run without doing anything (remember folks, no debugger! Bugaboo refused to load on the TT :( ):

  • Gold of the Aztecs (yay!)
  • Blood Money (absolutely KICKS ASS!!!!)
  • Gobliiins (although the prot. check failed a couple of times. Just run the 00 version, not the 030)
  • Gobliins 2 (ditto)
  • Return to Genesis
  • Live and Let Die
  • Virus (although the screen did flicker a bit)
  • After the war
  • Quartz
  • Mercenary III
  • Ghosts'n'Goblins
  • 1943
  • Beyond the Ice Palace
  • Another World
  • Push Over
  • One Step Beyond (wot? Just wait for this month's fixpack :P)
  • Knights of the sky
  • Into the Eagle's nest

Woohoo, that's a lot. Of course I didn't try all of our fixes yet, and I didn't list the games that didn't work because I can't remember any at the moment. Expect this list to get updated soon :)

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