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Message started by tobe on 16.05.07 at 10:53:38

Title: Re: MegaSTE cache
Post by ggn on 16.05.07 at 13:19:12
Hi Tobe! How's your game going? ;)

Well, from what I gathered so far from reading various sources, the MSTE has a fairly large cache (I think it's 16k?????). Anyway, the way to control it is through a hardware register as you may already know:

[code]$FF8E21|byte |Mega STe Cache/Processor Control           BIT 15-1 0|R/W (MSTe)
      |     |Cache enable lines (set all to 1 to enable) -----'  ||
      |     |CPU Speed (0 - 8mhz, 1 - 16mhz) --------------------'|

Some speculate that this is false and that only bits 0 and 1 are used. I guess noone took the pain to test this behaviour, and that includes us ;). I'll be very interested in your findings, since we can maybe tweak some stuff for the MegaSTE specific, which would rock :)

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