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Message started by tobe on 16.05.07 at 10:53:38

Title: Re: MegaSTE cache
Post by ggn on 29.07.07 at 11:54:02
I knew I read this somewhere, now I found a reference ;)

ZWF's Atari STE fanpage has Paranoid's excellent STE programmer's documents, and on page 6 I found the following:

 ? How fast is the Mega STE at 16 MHz without the cache ?

 ! Unfortunately, not very much faster than an ordinary 8 MHz STE. The cache might seem small according to todays standard (16 KBytes), but for a system like the Mega STE, it reduces memory accesses dramatically. If you turn off the cache, the 68000 has to fetch everything directly over the 8 MHz bus. Only operations that completely work in the 68000's registers will gain performance.

So if you don't have bus write cycles during the blitter execution, then I guess you can use the cache like that :)

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