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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 30.10.07 at 10:09:01

Title: Ishar 2 Bug?
Post by Heavy Stylus on 30.10.07 at 10:09:01
Hey D-Bug,

Tried Ishar 2 in STEEM last night and it only seems to load if a disc image (I used a blank one) is inserted in drive A.  Without the disc the game starts to load, then the drive light comes on and nothing happens.

I've not tried it on real hardware.

Just thought you should know.


Title: Re: Ishar 2 Bug?
Post by ggn on 30.10.07 at 14:53:17
Hi James,

I just tried it under Steem too, and I verified this behaviour. My guess that this is due to Steem's hard disk emulation layer. I'll have a go on my MSTE and TT later (I'm 100% positive it works on Falcon)

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