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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 31.10.07 at 13:08:08

Title: Re: Call me a D-Bug fanboy...
Post by Heavy Stylus on 01.11.07 at 13:35:46
The plot thickens...

PPera says:

What D-Bug recommends may have some troubles:

Campatible partitioning with Hddriver usually results in inability to install bootloader on it. So, you will have no autoboot.

Since you will have DOS compatible disk, Steem is not necessary for accessing files under Win (but of course you may use it).
Btw. you may expect some troubles with this way - mounted directory. Steem authors itself say that it is not too reliable. For instance Steem likes to crash when is a lot of files in opened directory.

Better solution, if you insist on working under Steem: using TOS partitionng and Steem with Pasti. Then autoboot will work certainly.

DOS disk can not be made to autoboot with Hddriver. With my driver may. But it supports not replacing media without restart.

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