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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 31.10.07 at 13:08:08

Title: Re: Call me a D-Bug fanboy...
Post by falkn on 02.11.07 at 05:25:32
ICD of Rockford Illinois, USA was main source of reliable SCSI interface devices for the ST.
They also supplied excellent software for these reliable interfaces.
The last release of their HarDrive utility software allowed  (I think) Zip 100's to be formatted in a dual
mode that could be read by PC and Atari ST.
The ICD ADVANTAGE was one such interface device.
If you have any ST FORMAT or ST USER magazines from the era, you should be able to find out more.

Unbelievable!!! I just tried   http://www.icd.com/  and they are still there!
Good luck.
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