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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 31.10.07 at 13:08:08

Title: Re: Call me a D-Bug fanboy...
Post by CJ on 31.10.07 at 21:05:56
Hey there Mr Stylus

Well, I use Iomega JAZ for the exact same thing you want to use ZIP for.

(1) Format the ZIP drive using the TOS/WIN mode in HDDRIVER so it can be read on both systems.

(2) Boot the cart on the ZIPdrive on the ST and set it up

(3) Install Steem, and create a Hard Drive (in the disk menu) to point to the root of the ZIP drive on the PC and Steem will boot.

(4) Ignore the bullshi ppera wrong on AF, don't use his crappy imager (if you wan to keep your data) and avoid his advice - and you will enjoy many happy hours doing exactly what you originally asked on the other forum and were told was not possible.

CJ. Singing quite nicely, thank you very much.

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