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Message started by aqua_hedgehog on 08.11.07 at 00:45:47

Title: Re: Best Game for ST?
Post by av on 25.11.09 at 09:54:42
Personal favorites

Ishar (Legend of the fortress) - great RPG
Lotus (Esprit turbo challenge) awesome driving game
Super Cars II = similar in a way but with extra missile to blow up opponents
Powermonger = supremacy anyone?
Empire and UMS = great war simulators - also playable on 12 " monochrome =)
Digger = now that one is hard to find even as short nfo via google or in anyway but in short superb puzzle + logic game, basically collecting gold but without monsters, planning required, somewhat resembling to sokoban
Jupiter probe = excellent old arcade like shooter
Major motion = know Your mouse and eventually become frustrated and last but not least
Bolo = somewhat as arkanoid but again for monochrome  ;)

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