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Message started by aqua_hedgehog on 08.11.07 at 00:45:47

Title: Re: Best Game for ST?
Post by Jake-Depression on 27.11.09 at 20:49:06

ggn wrote on 06.11.09 at 07:48:36:
Also, the first one to vote for Ripcord on this thread will win something really special we've been saving for an occasion :)

Are you try pd-game called Blastar (v0.9).  :D
(My pd-disk coming broke and game givin me only tos-error when trying to start it, so i cannot send it to your to test, but i thing you will be happy for this.)

But really some good games are:
-Atomix, Atomino
-Paradroid 90
-Marble madness
-Bubble bobble
-Oxyd games (i need to take some time and play these more)
-Pipe dream/Pipe mania
-Speedball 1+2

(And many games what are listed in other posts.)

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