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Message started by aqua_hedgehog on 08.11.07 at 00:45:47

Title: Re: Best Game for ST?
Post by MitchFrenzal on 16.08.10 at 16:09:07
No place for Dungeon master/CSB? I quite liked the port of APB for the ST too. It's the only one where the cars move out out your way if you have the siren on. Trying to think of some others, They will come. Oh! Cosmic Pirates also (Even though I still can't work out what to do to finish the damn thing.)

(also, GG. Forget Ripcord, What about Terrestrial Encounter?)

Thinking about it, Since I have my ST back. Supercars 1. I loved that thing. :)

(And Edit again, I've just noticed the hidden trainer in CJ/Law's version of APB. Only took 10 to 15 years. :P)

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