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Message started by CJ on 09.12.07 at 21:59:50

Title: D-Bug CD 198!
Post by CJ on 09.12.07 at 21:59:50
D-Bug CD 198 (A and B)

Maybe you were expecting another fixed game? Well, we'd love to give you another HD, Falcon, MSTe, and TT fixed game, but instead D-Bug are proud to present to you Menu 198! (With two fixed games) Both games have been sitting around for quite a while now, so we felt it was time to kick them out of the door and onto your Ataris!

Gauntlet III was cracked, packed, fixed and trained by CJ. Outzone was cracked by CJ and packed and fixed by GGN. Music as always by the mighty Dubmood! - Only 15 days left for the Big One! (And I bet you all thought it would be a menu at the end!)

This is a dual format menu, it will boot on both ST and Falcon systems. Copy the files in the root of the disks to a folder on your HD to install.

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