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Message started by alexh on 15.03.08 at 19:43:59

Title: Demo's
Post by alexh on 15.03.08 at 19:43:59
Not really anything to do with dbug, but I hoped that some hard drive owning ST users might see this.

I really like having a hard drive for my MegaSTe, it's just starting to come alive since upgrading to a SCSI to IDE adapter and a back panel CF card adapter (the slot is where serial port 2 should be) making it really easy to transfer games to and from the PC.

Anyhow I was hoping that those who've owned a hard drive for ages could point me in the direction of Demo's that run from hard drive. Either they are filed or work with ULS or ImgRun.

Title: Re: Demo's
Post by Shw on 16.03.08 at 18:22:05

I did a HD version of Life's a Bitch and CJ did Mindbomb Demo,
Cuddly Demos , Syntax Terror , Dark Side of the Spoon , Decade Demo.

Plus GGN did Pandemonium Demo....

which others are you after ?  Demo Breaker make many demos into files although each screen had to be run individually.


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