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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 02.05.08 at 11:30:27

Title: 'PlayST' - Use PSX Controllers on Your Atari!
Post by Heavy Stylus on 02.05.08 at 11:30:27
(GGN - please move to announcements if possible - this is a thread to gauge interest in Alison's new project).

Techie Alison has created a new (as yet un-named) adapter for Atari machines that I'm calling PlayST - it's a neat little lead that allows you to connect Sony PSX controllers to your ST (& Falcon, I assume).

Based on PeST, the really clever thing about this device is that although it acts as a normal joypad in digital mode, press the 'analogue' button on your PSX dual shock controller and it turns into an analogue mouse controller!  Plug two into your ST, and you can play two player games and use the pointer in GEM at the touch of a button!

I've currently got a prototype in my possession, and it is absolutely ace.  Alison has given me authority to post info here about it and to formally enquire if any of you guys are interested in buying them (and how many) so she can see if it's worth getting a run of PCBs made up.  Price is possibly going to be around the same as the PeST (around the £20 mark including P&P).  As with all of Alison's products for your money you'll get full support and a high-quality build.

If you are interested, post up here.  

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