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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 02.05.08 at 11:30:27

Title: Re: 'PlayST' - Use PSX Controllers on Your Atari!
Post by Heavy Stylus on 18.12.08 at 16:40:21
Alison is *still* perfecting these, adding support for autofire and second joystick buttons too (for games like Fire & Ice, etc.)

I have an early prototype that is now my primary atari joystick! :)

In related news, a friend of mine is working on a C64 PSX adapter with mouse and paddle support built in :) - he also said that making an ST/Amiga one will be easy, so if Alison doesn't complete the adapter then there is always the potential of another source.  IIRC, we discussed pricing at 15 each, 25 for two (+P&P).  I've been using a couple of his programmable CD32 PSX adapters, and they really are ace.

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