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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 30.09.08 at 08:58:32

Title: Re: r0x
Post by CiH on 20.05.09 at 09:21:53

There was no reply. Perez leaned out from his chair and swivelled the navigator's VDU round to face him. The screen was blank, empty except for a row of 8 bombs and what appeared to be a cursor in the shape of a bumble bee. Unfortunately, as part of a military cost-cutting exercise the majority of the Irata's previously cutting-edge computer hardware had been replaced by vintage (but serviceable) 68000-based systems. Perez had in fact signed the authorisation papers permitting the changeover in return for an extra week's paid R&R.

So that must be TOS, the Vista edition then!  ;D

Or one of the flakey pre-release versions perhaps!

Positively my last post before travelling to Outline.

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