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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 30.09.08 at 08:58:32

Title: Re: r0x
Post by TomChi on 25.05.09 at 08:19:37
So we finally managed to make it !!! :)
You can download the Outline version of the game on DHS.

That was a really exciting experience. I met a lot of *really* cool and friendly sceners.
About r0x, the 2 player mode wasn't even started one day before Outline, so that was a kind of a rush at the party , we really wanted to contribute .
We didn't get Crazy_Q's tune , so Dma-Sc kindly proposed to make a one night fast compo which is really great, it fits perfectly to the game design and the samples, oldskoolish and ... Well that was great :)

To be honest, this OL version is not the definitive one yet, seems like it has some bugs, and i ran out of time to include all the final features like score saving, hidden part in the main menu and a bit more movements in the menu/game over screens. Overmore, we need ggn to fix it for falcon, and seriously test gameplay with Xerus.
Anyway, please test it and send feedback !!! Thx

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