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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 30.09.08 at 08:58:32

Title: Re: r0x
Post by TomChi on 27.05.09 at 06:10:46

Saviour wrote on 26.05.09 at 23:15:29:
OMG, i love it! Itīs just another game like "OK, just one more time!" like Superfly.
I canīt stop playing, itīs really addicting!
Thank you very very much again for this great release!
My best score today was 259893 Points.
I am really looking forward for the 1.0 release, as this Version messed up the Score table. Instead of my name (DOC) there is !"<- written there. And the next rank is messed up as well with ->() instead of ROX...
I know, there will be bug fixes, but i just wanted to tell you if you didnīt know already! :)

Thank you saviour, really pleased someone plays r0x and enjoy it !!
Btw, hi score bug in OL version only occurs when you rank 8th, forgot an "r" in the name variable, if you go below 200000 or  over 300000, you can have your initials displayed correctly, so keep playing ;)

Anyway, we're changing point values atm to get a good gameplay so that every bonus is worth to be picked.

I encourage you to download updated version, and keep telling us your feelings about the game and the bugs you might find, once again thx for testing !


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