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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 30.09.08 at 08:58:32

Title: Re: r0x
Post by Heavy Stylus on 29.05.09 at 07:13:55
Already the 0.98 version online is horribly out of date ;)

The version I have on my HD has completely new sound effects, more balanced scoring (and more of a focus on rox grazing), a finished (and bug fixed) two player mode, and some other neat-o effects :)

However, this 0.98-0.99 build has only been sent out to our resident tester Xerus.  TomChi has requested that I don't upload again until we reach 1.00 - which is probably only a week away :)

The game has moved on again since the outline version - I think you'll like it :)

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