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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 30.09.08 at 08:58:32

Title: Re: r0x
Post by TomChi on 30.05.09 at 07:47:27
@SSB: Well erm ... Tho the sprite routine is as  efficient as I could make it, the whole prog is a real mess . First game for me , i didn't know where i was going and so added stuffs all around this main routine during the whole developement. That means that the source now exceed 10'000 lines, that's lame  :P But also involves that every single change in the game is now a real pain in the arse for me to do !
We, for now, only focus on a proper release to be done as soon as possible and we're almost there, so i'll stick on what is left to do.
Anyway, once released, we'll of course post the source code on our beloved gfa forum so that anyone could fix/add/improve whatever he wants ;)

Edit: Too bad you talked about that, i'm now sure Heavy Stylus ' gonna nag me till the end of time to add that :(

@CiH: Was glad to meet you personnaly at OL even if I was a bit "high" when talking to you  :-[
As for a shoot'em up, I don't know, we already have in mind another project , but then , inbetween , use that engine to do a sequel that would relate "commander perez" missions before he got lost in space, ain't a bad idea ;)

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