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Message started by Christos on 15.10.08 at 14:54:54

Title: Classic atari on the ST.
Post by Christos on 15.10.08 at 14:54:54
Some of us started our gaming careers on the VCS or the a8 and some of those classic games have been remade for the ST with various levels of success. If you go back to the 2600 there are quite a few games that immediately pop into your head, such as Centipede, Missile command, Defender, Moon patrol etc. From these on the ST I've only played Centipede and moon patrol. And while Centipede by Sinister absolutely rulez I can't say the same for Andromeda's  Moon Patrol (though to it's credit it has parallax scrolling) . What have you guys played and what was the enjoyment factor?

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