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Message started by Christos on 15.10.08 at 14:54:54

Title: Re: Classic atari on the ST.
Post by CJ on 15.10.08 at 21:12:55
I have to say while I was wowed by the ST when it came out, the quality of games in general was nowhere near as good as on the Atari 8.

The games I remember loving to play are all 8bit titles:

Bruce Lee, Rescue on Fractalus, Blue Max, Mr Do!, International Karate (Archer!), DropZone (Archer!), Bounty Bob Strikes Back, Spellunker, Zone Raider, Encounter (Woaks is God!) and such.

However, some ST games were just so much fun I couldnt put them down, amongst them:

Giana Sisters, Super Sprint, North and South, Star Wars, Flood, Stunt Car Racer and for some obscure reason, Psygnosis' Obliterator (Bugged, but still fun!)  But I think the thing I spent the most time with on the ST was HiSoft's DevPac :)

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