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Message started by CJ on 21.12.08 at 04:18:16

Title: Top Banana
Post by CJ on 21.12.08 at 04:18:16
What can I say about this beloved game?

I booted it up last night and it brought a smile to my face... followed by an uncontrolled belly laugh and a round of ROFLs.

The intro is... well... unique.  Acid House!  Done bits-club style!  Only worse!  The music is clear tho.. suprisingly clear for a sample....

Pressing FIRE we move on to the title screen.

And you thought The Gopping Megademo had the worst font ever. This thing is eye-bendingly ugly - and yet it was obviously designed.... by a drunk monkey?  Anyway... it says PRESS FIRE TO PLAY so I bravely hit the button awaiting it to fire a synaptic response from 20 years ago.

"OMG it's crashed!" is the first thing to hit your cortex.  Quickly followed by "OK, I'm colourblind, but even so what the hell is this?" (Yes, folks, I'm colourblind!)

Two layers of graphics, paralaxed over each other - with possibly the worse pallette selection since Sir Clive Sinclair thought "I know, lets make a computer that melts if left on the window"

With trepidation, I pushed jump.

What can only be described as a wet fart noise excapes the speakers. I cry with laughter and jump some more.

Then I die and it's game over. The RESET button is calling me so I push it.

I give Top Banana 11/10 - it's simply that bad it has to be played.

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