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Message started by Christos on 21.01.09 at 03:28:10

Title: Worst game on the ST?
Post by Christos on 21.01.09 at 03:28:10
The newest D-Bug release made me think. What are the worse ST games?

SOTB: A bad game on any platform (in other words Dark side of the spoon has better gameplay). However it was a nice amiga demo converted awfully to the ST. Anyway you shouldn't  have to pay money for demos should you? Only Psygnosis and The Bits Club!
Top Banana: Read CJ's review.
Street fighter 2: This has me thinking, is it actually so bad or having played the arcade makes me feel so? Could it have been done better on the ST?
Anco Karting Grand Prix: There's a review on youtube. I haven't tried playing it on STEEM fast forward though.

More from me as I think of them.

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