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Message started by CJ on 25.01.09 at 11:35:36

Title: Re: ST Game Reviews in 25 words or less.
Post by av on 25.11.09 at 13:13:31
Marble madness: When You need to be frustrated and local news don't do the trick game on!

Snowstrike: If You ever wanted to fall of from aifcraft carrier try this one

F16 Falcon: Take off. Fly a while. Get shot. Start again. Get frustrated. Buy joystick.

Turbocup: Get Your car demolished in spectacular way!

Tetris: Buy Ravensburger puzzle instead and throw it up in the air only one piece at the time

Mousetrap: Ratatouille in 18+ way

Chessmaster 2000: 64 squares, 2*16 figures, there can be only one  :o

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