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Message started by CJ on 25.01.09 at 11:35:36

Title: Re: ST Game Reviews in 25 words or less.
Post by ggn on 25.01.09 at 11:48:16

CJ wrote on 25.01.09 at 11:35:36:
Gods: Magic Pockets with new GFX.

That's the other way round really :P


Another world: Guy gets transported to another dimension by freak accident. Meets a mute on the way. Flies off with him and dragon in the end.
Shadow of the Beast: Who gives a shit about the ST? No, I won't give you more time. Just release the damn thing so we can get some cash!
Enchanted land: The Union needs NO custom chips!
Midnight resistance: The arcade controls suck, let's fix them!

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