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Message started by CJ on 26.01.09 at 00:59:04

Title: RAMdisk OFF (Falcon and TT) hang issue
Post by CJ on 26.01.09 at 00:59:04
We've been aware of this for a while but couldnt put our finger on where or why it was happening.

As all the games affected worked with RAMdisk on (and could also save/load in game) we decided to continue releasing with this known issue.

Today, we tracked down the problem - so RAMdisk off will now work on F30 and TT from this point on (Excluding the titles already done awaiting release)

TBH I can't see the point in re-issuing all the patches. 1mb + HD driver probably wont give you enough memory to run them anyway.  

However if anyone wants a specific title re-patched for RAMDISK off (1mb F30), or uses them from floppy let us know.

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