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Message started by Saviour on 31.01.09 at 18:28:29

Title: Beware of the Penguins! ;)
Post by Saviour on 31.01.09 at 18:28:29
This is no real bug report, but i just wanted to tell you that it is kinda fun to play James Pond 2 with Cache on. ;D
I love the psychadelic flickering of the rastercolors in the background and the fastpaced music!  :D
But i found out that everything is okay again if you´re entering the first door (Stage 1). Just for the case you didn´t know already.

Title: Re: Beware of the Penguins! ;)
Post by ggn on 31.01.09 at 21:47:12
From the news page: "The cache option has been left selectable so you can see how insane things are - so please don't report any bugs when using cache."

So the answer is "we knew, but we left it in for fun" ;)

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