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Message started by CJ on 02.02.09 at 07:59:52

Title: Re: (M)ST(E) Double VBL (TwinSync) Bug and Solution
Post by remowilliams on 14.02.09 at 06:56:07
Thanks CJ for the topic change.  In addition to my substance abuse vindication, hopefully a lost soul or two out there might find just the info they are looking for.  :)

CJ wrote on 31.01.09 at 23:22:38:
Ok, I was just discussing this with GGN and he thought you meant his intro (big D-Bug logo moving in a circle, text over it) and I thought you all meant my intro (static D-Bug logo, wobbly text over it)
However, we both concluded it doesnt matter as they both use standard trap calls to read the keyboard.

I do, however, know that the strobing/disjointed text you are describing does indeed happen on my intro when the falcon is exhibiting the very well known twinsync bug, but this doesnt explain the MSTE problem.

As far as the 'twinsync' issue - you called it, and indeed the intros work correctly as they should now.

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