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Message started by ggn on 20.03.09 at 23:31:09

Title: Re: Falcon compatibility?
Post by Dbug on 23.03.09 at 19:12:20
On the Creators screen for the 20th ST birthday demo I spent about as much time as getting the damn interrupt based raster code for the falcon/tt mode as it took to get the stf/ste overscan mode working.

In my case if I find the time to do something, it will definitely use fullscreen + blitter, and there's no way I waste even 5% of my time trying to be compatible with anything else than pure STE.

MegaSTe support on the other hand, yes, 100%, if only because doing some STe code that does not work on MegaSTE is just showing lazy coding practices. (and a significant number of people dropped their STE in favor of MegaSTE just because it was practical to have with the high density drive and built in hdd).

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