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Message started by ggn on 20.03.09 at 23:31:09

Title: Re: Falcon compatibility?
Post by simonsunnyboy on 21.03.09 at 09:05:34
I'd love that!

On the other hand, i had quite a dispute with Zweckform at Numerica that a Falcon fixed STE prod would only use 80% of the possibe STE power.
I personally would drop this 20% for sure to gain compatibility but some most probably won't do so.

My own contributions (if there are going to be any) will be developed on my Falcon so will naturally run on it too but ofcourse I cannot talk for others.

Actually it would be ok for me in this special case if the demo would not run on the Falcon because the name already says it is going to be an STE demo.

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