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Message started by ggn on 20.03.09 at 23:31:09

Title: Re: Falcon compatibility?
Post by RA_pdx on 21.03.09 at 09:15:44
I agree with you that it would be nice to see screens which are compatible with the Falcon/TT, but it shouldnīt be a must-have. Because if somebody want to use any sync or special STE tricks it would be really hard to make it compatible.

The real problem at the moment is that the planned intro/main menu isnīt Falcon/TT compatible. Okay i could code a special or simple one for the Falcon/TT, but at the moment i canīt say if i would have enough time for that. :-X An other simple alternative would be to access all screens also directly from the desktop without any menu.

Just my thoughts...

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