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Message started by ggn on 20.03.09 at 23:31:09

Title: Re: Falcon compatibility?
Post by RA_pdx on 23.03.09 at 17:09:22

The Nostalgic-O Demo by Leonard had an extra textbased screen selector besides its overscan mainmenu. Might be an option here too?

Yes, this might be a very good option if we will have enough time - what i hope.


If the main menu is to run from HD (i sure hope so...) i would like to request MegaSTE support - which is basically, turn the cache off. I guess this is a pretty obvious feature tho...

MegaSTE support is a must-have - so we have this in our rules! ;)
HD support is definitely planned.

I also think Falcon/TT compatibility should be just a bonus but not really a precondition.

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