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Message started by Zweckform2 on 23.03.09 at 21:00:15

Title: Re: Help with graphics for a screen
Post by Dbug on 29.11.09 at 07:55:58
Ok, here is my contribution :)

Yesterday I released my picture conversion tool (PictConv) on pouet: http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=54124

Since it is possible to "lock" color indexes in PictConv, I took the opportunity of this thread to show how to do that, with a small example involving XiA and Paradox logos already submitted:

The resulting pictures are 6112 bytes, 32 bytes for palette, and 160*38 bytes for the picture. No header.

The batch file contains the parameters used to convert the picture, and the pictures have the additional "-p1" palette (as mentioned in the documentation).

Hope it helps :)

(note, make sure you have the version 0.14, I stupidly broke something in 0.13 yesterday when I submited, so I republished a version this morning - same location)

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