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Message started by Muphex on 21.05.09 at 16:13:18

Title: Re: The CD200 Beg Thread
Post by ggn on 28.10.09 at 10:58:50

robert2098 wrote on 28.10.09 at 10:20:47:


From the main page:

I felt like swapping RARs earlier, so here you go. After all, with only 150 to 180 downloads per week and zero feedback, no one seems to care, right?

D-Bug CD200 (Part 9/18) can be found here.

I care!
But till I downloaded all 18 parts, I can't unpack it, so currently there is not much to give feedback on  ::)
I don't post much to the forum, but I'm following you with great interest.


Fair enough point, but let me bring you another recent example here:

Armour-Geddon, a title that took the combined skills of 3 people to HD fix, Falcon fix, test, find/scan manuals, etc etc. Up till yesterday 114 individual downloads have been logged. Yet we never read anything about it (does it work on other people's machines? Do they like the extra speed? etc etc etc).

Is it to wonder that we pulled the handbrake on Falcon/HD fixing?

Like CJ said on the shoutbox, in the end it's much easier to give access to our testing forum to the people that bother contacting us than releasing anything.

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