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Message started by Muphex on 21.05.09 at 16:13:18

Title: Re: The CD200 Beg Thread
Post by Saviour on 10.01.10 at 01:26:07
Well, i have to say that your patch of NinjaRemix is really a highlight on this CD (especially with the Amiga-CoSo Sound on Falcon and TT), as well as Jim Power. But i have to admit since i have my CT63 i didnīt switch on my Falcon very often, as it keeps switching itself off continously. I already had a conversation with Rodolphe about it, but on his Falcon my CT63 works fine. Its kinda strange as i tried a CT63 of an Atari mate on a Atari meeting here and his did work without any problems.
Thats why i am not very active here anymore as it keeps me getting annoyed when my Falcon suddenly switches off while i play a game.

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