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Message started by Muphex on 21.05.09 at 16:13:18

Title: Re: The CD200 Beg Thread
Post by ggn on 04.05.12 at 15:13:50
'ang on, Ninja remix is on the patch pages for ages now :) - http://d-bug.mooo.com/patches/2009/ninjarmx.rar

Also, from menu 200:

Robbo: http://d-bug.mooo.com/patches/2009/robbo.prg
Jim Power: http://d-bug.mooo.com/patches/2009/jimpower.rar
Lethal Xcess beta: http://d-bug.mooo.com/patches/2009/lxbeta.prg

As for #200 itself, well, we had the menus online for many months, lots of people have downloaded leeched it and we simply don't want to bog down our server hosting a ~400mb file (iirc). Like CJ and Shw said, the idea was that the menu would be spread the old fashioned way anyway. Since all of us did our part in spreading this CD (I sent about 40 CDs worldwide), it's time for those who have it to step up and offer to send it.

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