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Message started by StickHead on 23.07.09 at 18:41:22

Title: Oooh... new stuff!
Post by StickHead on 23.07.09 at 18:41:22
Just wanted to say thanks for the Civ/Pirates release. Nice little packages, with the manuals and everything. I've been a big Civilization fan for a while, so I wanted to get around to playing Pirates! at some point. Now I can do so from the pleasure of my comfy UltraSatan (when it finally arrives).

But best of all: the pallette fix! Civ used to be Hungarian web design ugly on the ST, but now I can play it without constantly thinking "My eyes! Maybe I should fire it up on DosBox... "


Title: Re: Oooh... new stuff!
Post by sh3-rg on 23.07.09 at 20:13:27
I'm going to give civ a few days once my workload shrinks, what a great game for wasting away the hours :D

Title: Re: Oooh... new stuff!
Post by ggn on 23.07.09 at 20:43:34
Well if someone deserves credit here, it's Remo Williams! He kept testing Civ to bits, finding corrupt files, replacing them from other sources (you can't imagine how many bad dumps there are out there!), scanning the manual, etc etc!

(Oh well the palette bit was by me! Since I spent so much time looking at it, I found this very complicated code -compiled C crap- that took the amiga palette and just chopped off some bits to make it STFM compatible. Fortunately the palette was intact in the game and I converted it by hand for the STE -which looks ok on the STFM too, lazy coders- and just changed the code...)

Hungarian web design? Well I never!

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