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Message started by Grunaki on 15.08.09 at 14:51:28

Title: Re: 'Too Much Gold' Bug in 'Pirates!' ?!
Post by ggn on 16.08.09 at 19:06:16

Grunaki wrote on 16.08.09 at 14:46:29:
Turns out he did post it on Atari-Forum, but he put it in the Steem forum.  Link

Save file attached.

That's noble of you.

However, if he doesn't actually sign up here so I can communicate to him and not have anyone in-between to play the role of the broken telephone, I'm afraid I can't help.

Sorry to be so anal, I just don't have too much spare time and would like to have the person who's interested right here so I can do some rapid-fire tests...

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