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Message started by simonsunnyboy on 25.10.09 at 16:06:59

Title: Supercars 2
Post by simonsunnyboy on 25.10.09 at 16:06:59
Hi D-Bug,

today I played your Supercars II HD patch on my STE.
Clean boot, 4 MB TOS 2.06de

The game allowed a single race (Easy) and while loading the second race it got stuck with the attached screen (taken from my Samsung LCD TV)

It misses some descriptive texts, I never saw a ? within SC2 texts sofar (except for the comm screens)

Music kept playing and the screen stayed for more than 3 minutes without changing. The game did not continue :(

I also had this problem on my Falcon months back but I thought it was a Falcon problem.

Any chance for investigation?

supercars2_dbug_patch.jpg ( 49 KB | Downloads )

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