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Message started by ggn on 27.11.09 at 16:55:18

Title: Re: Screens' Post mortem!
Post by dan on 28.12.09 at 19:02:12
1.      Shows the first version of the ribbons screen. Has got nothing in common with the greetings screen as you know it by now (pic 3). One day paranoid might tell you the whole story of this piece of code.  ;D
2.      The “20 years 1-Plane-Ribbons Logo” was supposed to make a nice background to this screen, but everything changed when the paranoid decided to change the whole convept. You will recognize this I plane background on another spot in the demo. ;)
3.      The aerial concept (sky as background) was the paranoid´s fresh concept for the old code. You can see an additional shape of his “bikini girl” (compare pic 4) on the left side of the pic. The soft integration of the “1 plane-ribbons-logo” into the clouds was done in neochrome (not photoshop). Hell lot of work for little visibility…  :o
4.      This picture was done by paranoid and features the nice idea of a bikini girl walking on the moon.

(neochrome, degas)
ribbons1.png ( 157 KB | Downloads )

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