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Message started by CJ on 04.01.10 at 06:08:54

Title: Wow, ULS has no pre-cache - thats news to me!
Post by CJ on 04.01.10 at 06:08:54
According to this notable expert ULS has no pre-cache option....

Which is odd, because I'm sure that the "ramdisk" flag is basically a pre-cache routine. In fact, as I wrote it, yes it is :P

Pretty much everything he's written on that thread is, as usual, a load of festering bollocks. Hey ho :-)

I'd love to comment in that thread, but unfortunatly those Amiga people have taken over 2 days to validate my account (and still waiting) - however if Mr Troll has moved to the slanty-A machine then they are more than welcome to him and so-long and good riddance for us :)  Hey, we'll even do a prisoner exchange and take Doomaster off their hands if they promise to keep Mr Troll.

Caching feature in WHDLoad is nice and useful feature. However, considering ULS, I don't see that it has it. I tried couple latest patches, like Armour-Geddon - and there says that uses Ramdisk because otherwise would be slow. Then Jim Power - if deactivate Ramdisk it loads much slower.

Well, firstly - his Armor Geddon doesn't even fucking work so he's got a mental problem for bashing mine and secondly Jim Power is on CD200, and doesn't use ULS you freaking retard and has RAMdisk forced on so you can't deactivate it! But thanks for downloading the CD you freak.

I didn't look in sources about, and honestly don't care, but all mentioned says that no cashing there.

From the ULS docs:

Function: uls_update_rdsk
Allows the ULS ramdisk to be updated (append mode) or repopulated (replace mode)

Call with:
D0.L: 4 char ASCII of initial dir for RAMdisk
D1.W: Update Mode Flag
A0.L: Pointer to a filespec for Ramdisk

Call D0.L/A0.L
D0.L and A0.L are the same as required by D6.L and A5.L respectivly for the uls_init function

Call D1.W: Update Mode Flag
Set D1=-1 (negative) and the existing RAMdisk will be completely replaced with the new data.
Set D1=+1 (positive) and the existing RAMdisk will be appended. This is requires for multi directory games if you wish to cache both directories at setup time, as only one path can be specified in uls_init for ramdisk creation.
Note: The updated RAMdisk *MUST* fit inside the parameters specified in uls_init.

Is that not caching? Are you FUCKING RETARDED OR SOMETHING???? - I think we all know the answer to this one. Stop trying to take credit for other people's work yet again by re-inventing the wheel. Or better yet, show us the source code to your wonderful GAYEX system.... oh, you can't beacuse then we'd all see how much of ULS you ripped! (and fucked up in the process)

As usual, brains in the anal department.

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